Mythical Records Demo Policy

demos: Though the success and popularity of our artists may belie the fact, we are a small and independent record label. We like to create a small, family based approach that helps foster trust and lifelong advancement in the music field. Therefore, we make a diligent effort to maintain our artist roster at a small and manageable level. Because we strive to give all of our artists the personal, and artistic devotion that they deserve, we do not sign new artists very often. That being said, we are always on the lookout for cutting edge, futuristic and beautiful music, especially for our "Odyssey of Rapture" series of compilationis. If you feel that your band or project falls in line with what we are doing here at Mythical Records, please feel free to send us a demo of your most recent work. Because of the volume of demos we receive, we can not give personal responses to all the demos we are sent. You will only hear back from us, if we are interested in working with you. Please do not feel offended if you do not hear back from us. We feel unfortunate that as an occupation, part of our responsibilities lie as critics, for we truely believe no art should be judged. There is beauty in all, if only the correct perspective can be achieved for the absorption of the experience. If you would like us to try finding that perspective of your work, please email our demo department an electronic version of your material.  Please keep in mind the aesthetic of our releases.  All of our catalog blends acoustic  instrumentation (western and eastern classical music) with contemporary electronics.  If your music does not adhere to a similar spectrum, then we will not be able to release your material.