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Remix work includes:

* Suicide Commando "god is in the rain (the synthetic dream foundation mix)"
* XP8 "download me (the synthetic dream foundation mix)
* Left Spine Down "welcome to the future (the synthetic dream foundation mix)
* Electronic Substance Abuse "Hell (the synthetic dream foundation mix)
* Informatik "temporary (the synthetic dream foundation mix)
* Grendel "shortwired (the synthetic dream foundation mix)"
* Rabia Sorda "radio paranoia (the synthetic dream foundation mix)
* Experiment Haywire "occult casualty
* Diverje "wrapped around (the synthetic dream foundation mix)"


The Synthetic Dream Foundation's sound is based upon merging epic orchestral music with contemporary glitchy electronics.  TSDF has released many singles on compilations for labels such as 4AD, Alfa-matrix, Twisted Records, and has remixed countless industrial acts like Suicide Commando, Grendel, and Informatik.  TSDF has also scored several sucessful, independent films. TSDF Combines full orchestral mayhem, with highly styilized and futuristic electronic landscapes and beats set this artist above and beyond what most industrial/idm projects are doing in terms of creativity.  From harsh, brooding, mechanical beats to dreamy classical piano, and ambient masterworks which shift through and absorb cold, alien landscapes. TSDF is not limited by any single genre, but instead rather compelled by the infinite possibilities electronic advancements bestow upon the musical art form.
One of the main things which distinguishes the sound created by TSDF from other electronic artists is the way they mix live orchestral elements into the electronic beds of sound, making the perfect mixture of organic and synthetic textures.  The subtle nuances that actual performance embews a piece of music with can be heard, making all the compositions less cold, and more emotional than typical electronic works.  Current albums in our catalog include "Tendrils of Pretty", "Behind The Gates of Horn and Ivory", and "Where Drowned Suns Still Glimmer"