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German-Canadian musician Annina Melissa is a classically trained pianist, vocalist and songwriter whose work focuses on the expression of macabre and morbid aspects of the human condition. 

The London-based artist combines ambient, electronic and metal elements with opulent orchestral arrangements and strong visuals - often experimenting with eerie, unusual sounds, haunting clean vocals and jarring guttural screams. Revolving around sombre subjects and the darker facets of life her music depicts autobiographical struggles such as battling her own demons with bipolar disorder and takes the listener on a cathartic journey of raw emotion and versatility. 
Currently self-produced, Annina Melissa takes influence from sources as varied as personal traumata, her love for Victorian Gothic literature, philosophy, elaborate classical and film compositions as well as a profound passion for expressive music transcending numerous genres to develop a sound familiar yet unique in its own right.

As well as being an international touring musician and accomplished lyricist who has written and collaborated with a variety of musicians she further demonstrates her creativity by working closely with designers and photographers as a published alternative model.

Annina Melissa's composition "Crimson" appears on our compilation "Odyssey of Rapture vol 3"