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Abandoned toys makes contemporary classical music, but what makes the project special is the combination of "found sound" field recordings and electronics.  . You can hear the delapidated and peeling paint steam, as the creaks of breaking childrens toys hum around an impressionistic and fantastical, chamber symphony landscape. The music of this lovely project, cascades down torrents of fluttering beauty, containing some of the most hauntingly gorgeous neo-classical arrangements the contemporary classical and dark ambient scenes have to offer. These compositions blossom like a defiant rose in the midst of a fallen empire.
The composer behind Abandoned Toys, has done arrangement work for scores of numerous successful independent films that make the circuits at sundance and siggraph, as well as composing several video game scores. The first full length studio collection of this contemporary classical composer's work, "The witch's garden", is now available for purchase.

Abandoned Toys also contributed the compositions "An Expanding Tremble" to our compilation "Odyssey of Rapture Vol. 1"  and the compostion "Birthing of the Unicorn" to our compilation "Odyssey of Rapture vol. 2"